We are regularly advised to cut our consumption of sweet foods,but there’s something special about honey.Honey is the unique product of swarms of bees that cover a six-mile radius during nectar collection.Anything that takes so much work to make must be good.Honey is sweeter than sugar,with 65 calories per tablespoon as opposed to white sugar 48.Calories apart it has some surprising health benefits

Honey is not a nutritional powerhouse.It contains trace amounts of B vitamin,amino acids and minerals,but it’s really no more nutritious than plain sugar.If honey gets attention from doctors,it’s for other reason.Its thick syrupy texture makes it a natural for easing sore throat pain,especially when it’s added to a hot lemon or a soothing tea such as camomile. But honey does.It kills bacteria and helps cuts and wounds to heal faster.It is a natural laxative.It appears to reduce the pain of stomach ulcers.And it is a quick-acting energy source that
can reinvigorate tired muscle faster than you say.Scientists have actually found that athletes perform better when they eat a little honey.

Infection was the greatest threat to the health of human before the antibodies.Even small cut may turn into a life threat,which way doctors often carried honey in their little bags.Honey contain hydrogen peroxide and propolis,a compound that kill bacteria.Even tody, some doctors believe that honey might be a superior wound dressing in some cases.Indeed ,it works so well that a number of manufacture sell it for dressing for hard-to-heal wounds.

The high sugar content in honey pull moisture from wounds and so bacteria are unable to survives without moisture.It also lock out harmful external contaminants.And honey is inexpensive it may be ideal choice in many countries to modern creams.

Back in 1970s,Surgeons reported that women who had a gynaecological surgery had shorter hospital stay when incisions were coated with honey and no sign of infection.Studies in india show that burns dressed with honey heal more quickly and scarring than with coated with silver sulphadiazine,a conventional burn treatment.

Honey has even been used to treat superficial eye problems.In a study of more than 100 patient with eye disorder that didn’t respond to conventional treatment,doctors tested a honey ointment 85% of cases reported an improvement. Applying honey to your eyes(don’t do it without without asking your doctor)may cause a brief stinging sensation and some redness,but in unlikely to cause other side effects.

Bees sip a little nectar when they make their flowery rounds,but they carry most of it back to hive and stash it in the hexagonal wax cells of the honeycomb to nourish young bees.The liquid nectar turns into honey when moisture evaporates.The finished product is mainly sugar-frutose and dextrose-plus a little bit of pollen,wax,proteins,vitamins and minerals.

Its anti-bacterial qualities are particularly useful for the skin, and, when used with the other ingredients, honey can also be moisturising and nourishing. For a powerful home beauty treatment for which you probably have all the ingredients in your kitchen already.

Honey may reduce the ulcer symptoms and reduce healing time also.Honey appears to reduce inflammation,stimulate blood flow and enhance the growth of epithlial cells,the ones exposed along the interior of the stomach or intestine.Studies have also shown that hney kills the bacteria responsible for most ulcers.Raw honey is more beneficial that a processed honey,in processed active compound may neutralised.

Honey contains flavonoids, antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease.

Never give honey to children under the age 1,as it may contain a small number of spores.The spores don’t thrive in the intestine of adults  and older children,But they are able to multiply in babies,possibly causing a serious form of food poisoning known as infant botulism.

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