Six small muscles control the movements of our eyes.And like all muscles,from biceps to hamstrings,eye muscles become fatigued when they’re overused and don’t get a chance to relax.Hours of starting at computer screen ,peering through a microscope,driving cross country,or poring over books will do just that.Symptoms of eyestrain include burning. watery, or itchy eyes and possible blurred vision and headache.Fortunately tired eye muscle usually recover once they get a break and a bit of rest.

With so many of us using computers at work, computer eye strain has become a major job-related complaint. Studies show that eye strain and other bothersome visual symptoms occur in 50 to 90 percent of computer workers.
Blinking is body’s way of cleansing the eyes surface and keep it moist.But often when we’re concentrating or staring at a fixed point for long time,we tend not to blink.Try to consciously blink more often eye moist and keep help reduce strain.Example;blink every time you reach the end of a sentence or hit enter on the keyboard.

If you sit at a computer screen or do other work,look away from screen the distance every 20 minutes and focus on something in the distance.Look up,down and from side to side.Set a timer to help you remember.

Simply closing your eyes can help eye muscle for several minutes every hour.Try it while talking on the phone.

For a restful break,reub your hands briskly together to creat friction and heat.Quickly cup your warm hands over your eyes lean back,and relax.Do this every hour.

Get a regular eye exam.Not only will you find out if you need glasses or a prescription upgrade(which may be why your eye strained),but an eye doctor may spot sign of serious health problems such as diabetics,while checking your eyes.Increase contrast on your computer screen and use bigger font.Wear sunglasses in bright light,both in summer and winter.

Alternate cool and warm compresses.We get a washcloth with cool water and lay over your eyes for a few minutes.Then wet the cloth with warm water and repeat.

Using the tips of your index,middle,and ring finger press gently on the orbital bones above your eyes for five seconds,and then on the bones below for five seconds.Repeat this routine several times.Caution press only bones not the eye itself.

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