Detoxification and promoting pranic force in the body is called naturopathy. Naturopathy and yoga are two wheels of a vehicle.Besides yoga and natural health.Knowledge of it make us self dependent.
It is not just a treatment it’s a hope when all the treatments fail there is still possibility to cure in naturopathy.
Ailment eradicated from its root and gives us peaceful mind,vigour and relief.
It cures all dormant diseases.There is no need for medication and surgery.Patients after experiencing relief through its treatments get back to their own work.The fear of disease is rooted out of the mind.
Naturopathy works in two ways.First it makes the patient get rid of his ailments speedily,secondly it educates him to adopt a natural way of life to remain healthy in future.

Causes of diseases:
All diseases are solely caused by accumulation of toxins in the body,it gets collected when detoxification os less than accumulation.
When the toxin accumulate in our body in the various parts of body it causes non-functional of some parts of body and flourish,but there is a nature takes them out in the form of acute disease like fever,loose motion,vomiting,cough,cold,fever etc.When these process are suppressed by the medicine the disease may become chronic.

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Why Toxins Accumulate:
Lack of balanced diet.
Imbalance of alkali and acid in our body.
Consumption of ummatchable and contradictory food.
Consuming the intoxicating food.
Spicy,heavy and fibreless food.
Working mentally or physically beyonds the capability of the one’s without taking the rest.
If the process of the extracting is suppressed by the medicines.
Suppressing the natural urge of the body like defecation,urination,flatus,sneezing,hunger,fever,yawing etc.

To Know:
Due to ignorance patients get disappointed when the healing takes place and give up naturopathy to restore to medicine.But it is a blunder mistake.

Cure of Disease:
There is one cure for all the disease is to remove out toxins from the body by natural means.To keep our body healthy and fit ,there is an unseen force called life force.In spiritualism it is defined as pranic energy and alopathy calls it resistance power.Elimination
of disease protection against disease is due to this inherent force alone.The stronger the healing power within,the sooner the disease will be cured.
Naturopathy enhance this pranic force and hampers accumulation of toxins.
If there is any signal of illness in the body,like loss of appetite,headache etc.giveup the eating and first clean the body by taking enema etc.
By doing this the the chances of becoming it acute reduces.If there is an acute disease(fever,vomiting,loose motion etc) treat it by natural way do not suppress it taking medicines.Instead one should go for fasting and let it be clean or detoxification by natural method.By this the chances of disease becoming chronic reduce to negligible.
If the disease if chronic it should be treated by natural ways…..
.Taking natural food and there related precaution.
.Right way of living(lifestyle).
.Yogic exercise.
The specialty of naturopathy is that it does not suppress the disease on the contrary it extricate from it root.During the treatments of it,the accumulated toxins are released from the body in the form of loose motion,cold,cough’s called healing crisis.


Call Doctor:
Even then if it causes uneasiness then a naturopath must be consulted for advise giving up naturopathy treatment altogether.

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