Scientific studies show that for successful weight loss you don’t need to diet like many people do, but you need to eat the right kind of foods that promote healthy weight like the nutrient-rich food.

If people are overweight, it’s usually because they eat and drink more calories than they need. Here we will help you to reduce the number of calories you consume.

Some people are naturally thin and can eat more compared to others and don’t store fat in their body.Others gain weight easily even they are doing exercise.The reseion is that the other one have slow metabolism so the extra carbohydrate store in body.

The reasion behind it is partly genetic partly down to the factor which we control.

If someone want to loss weight he/she should check their BMI(body mass index) before start the weight loss process.Here are the calorie need for men 1900kcal and for women 1400kcal per day.

In the begining you feel deprived because you are unable to eat your favorite delicious food.But after following the two week of plan you will enjoy the whole plan and will start refrain taking the food which are not beneficial during the journey of loosing the weight.
We should aware about what we are eating,the processed food look good and attract you to eat,but when we become

conscious of what is contained in processed refined,neutrient-poor foods,we can start looking in different way.we will be less drawn towards them.
The food associated with obesity as well as reduced immune function,increased risk of heart disease as well as increase blood sugar levels.

characteristic of obesity:
generally over weight with high level of body fat if >30 peercent for women and >20 percent for men.
If you can’t get away with overeating,the extra calorie get stored in body as fat.
wide waist and hip with waist predominate over the hip.
carbohydrate store easily in the body as fat.
Naturally slow metabolic rate,less calorie burned at rest.
They have slow metabolism rate as compared to healthy individuals.
They gain fat easily compared to healthy individual.

Here we will give you a 12 weeks plan to loose your weight.The you don’t need to dieting but you need to follow the plan to intake limited calorie.

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