Homemade Body & Face Scrubs Get Flawless Skin Orance

/Homemade Body & Face Scrubs Get Flawless Skin Orance

Homemade Body & Face Scrubs Get Flawless Skin Orance

Try this Body Scrub experiment Lay a piece of scotch tape across the back of your hand.Rub it gently to make sure it adheres,and then gently pull it off.
Now hold it up to the light.The tape will be dotted with tiny flakes.Those are dead skin cells.Don’t worry;it’s perfectly natural.Everyone skin constantly shedding dead skin cells from the surface.As dead cells are lost,new cells move up from deeper skin layers to replace them.Removing dead skin cells on a regular basis is a very effective way to improve skin’s appearance,stimulate circulation and make it easier for natural oil and other skin nurturing substance to penetrate the surface and absorbed.

Facial scrubs and masks help exfoliate delicate facial skin very gently.Body scrubs are designed to exfoliate skin from the neck down.Commercial body scrubs abound.But keep in mind that because exfoliate skin more easily takes up what’s applied to it,your skin is absorbing,to some degree.The petroleum based chemicals,fragrance,preservatives and artificial colors that most of these products contain.Fortunately all natural body scrubs replete without wonderful ingredients that are good for your skin and your body are among the easiest skin care products to make at home.

Salt and sugar from the base for more natural body scrubs.But oatmeal,ground almond meal,ground rice,ground coffee,poppy seeds and similar natural granular substances all make effective and mild exfoliating ingredients.Any one of these can be suspended in various liquids ranging from natural plant oil and herbal infusion to milk,honey and yogurt.Making the body scrub is very simple.Almost everything you need you will find in grocery store,there aren’t hard and fast rule ,so use your imagination and feel free to experiments with different combination of ingredients.Be careful don’t use body scrub too frequently,though once week is sufficient.


  1. scrub sweetly Ordinary while sugar isn’t something you want to include in your diet often but as an exfoliate the fine grains are very effective.Sugar is inexpensive and scent free and can easily be blended with a wide sugar scrub can be created in a minutes by combining 1/2 cup white sugar with enough almond oil to completely moisten the sugar,but not so much as to make the mixture runny with oil.Add a squeeze of fresh lemon and stir to make sure the sugar is well saturated with the oil.scoop up a little with your finger and massage onto an area of skin about the size of your outer-stretched hand using small,circular motion.Continue until you’ve covered your entire body.Rinse and shower as usual.The following are variation on the basic scrub:
  • ¬†Combine 1 cup of brown sugar with 3 drops of rose geranium essential oil,3 drops lavender essential oil,the contents of a vitamin E capsule and 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup almond oil.Stir well to combine.This is a good scrub for dry skin.
  • Mix 1/2 cup white sugar,1/4 cup Greek yougart or organic sour cream,1 tablespoon almond or jojoba oil,and a finely chopped fresh tomato. Natural acids in the tomato help the slightly absorptive action of the sugar exfoliate mechanically.

Salt exfoliates in much the same manner as sugar. Use sea salt or kosher salt rather than table salt.A basic salt scrub contain 1 cup of salt,about 1/2 cup light textured oil such as almond or grape seed and 5 to 15 drops of a high quality essential oil such as lavender,peppermint,rosemary,or lemon.Once mixed the texture of the scrub should be moist enough to hold together,but not overly oily.


    1 Cup of sea salt(fine grain)
    1/2 cup grapeseed or almond oil
    1/4 cup of avocado or olive oil
    contents of 1 vitamin E capsule
    10 to 15 drops essential oil(a blend is fine)
    Mix the oils,vitamin E and essential oils in a small bowel.Add the salt and mix well .Store in a container with an airtight lid.

Take a shower before using a body scrub.Your skin will be moist and soft,making it easier to exfoliate dead skin cells.
Gently rinse off the salts or sugar scrub and pat your skin dry.
Use a scrub before shaving.The exfoliate action will results in a closer,smoother shave.
B aware -scrub that contain oil can make a bathtub or shower floor very slippy soft glow salt scrubby.
If you have high or low blood pressure ,avoid very hot baths.


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