Sometimes foot pain has an obvious cause, such as a fungal infection [athlete’s foot] ,corn, callus or ingrowing toenail. Foot pain is one of the most common ailments, affecting people of all age groups at some point in their lives. Foot pain can occur anywhere in the foot including the toes, heel, sole, ankle or arch.But if the discomfort you feel stems simply from fatigue or ill-fitting shoes, your best friend may be water – warm or cold, with or without herbal extras – or an invigorating foot massage.
Soothe pain with water and oils:
• For a refreshing and stimulating treat for the feet , fill one basin with cold water and another with water as hot as you can comfortably stand.Sit in a comfortable chair, and place your feet in the cold water. After 5 minutes, switch to the hot constricts blood vessels in your feet , boosting circulation.                                                                                   • You must be using cloves in your kitchen to add flavor in dishes. This has a strong smell and also variety of health benefits. We are now going to state the remedy with both sesame oil and clove oil. Use your hand palm and put 2 drops each of sesame and clove oil. Mix them in your palm and apply it over your feet. Massage it well and see how you feel. Don’t forget to do it in a circular motion.

• A ritual dating back to biblical times – fill a bowl with hot water and add 2 drops of peppermint oil,along with 4 drops each of eucalyptus and rosemary oil. Soak your feet for 10 minutes.
• If you don’t have any essential oils at home , brew up a very strong cup of peppermint tea and add it to the water.
• Soak your feet in a warm water foot bath spiked with 15kg arnica tincture. The improved blood-flow almost instantly results in less pain.

foot pain cureMassage:
• In health – food shop , you can buy a roller that is specially designed to massage the soles of the feet . Or you can simply roll your bare foot over a tennis ball , golf ball or rolling pin for several minutes.
• It is always good to have a hot oil massage if any part of your body has pain issue. You can take any of the natural oils such as jojoba oil, olive oil, sesame oil, clove oil, lavender oil or a combination of all together and avail a hot oil massage. Take 2-3 drops of each oil and set it over flame. One it is Luke warm, apply it over your feet. This will give you an effective way of massaging and hence will provide a remedy over your feet pain. Use your finger and palms for massaging in an appropriate way.

What’s wrong?
You spend about 80 percent day time on your feet every day.It’s hardly to believe that time to time your feet stop feel hurting due to poor circulation,disease as arthritis and diabetes.

Give feet a workout:

• Scatter a few pencils on the floor , and pick them up with your toes .This little exercise helps to relieve foot ache .
• Wrap a thick rubber band around all the toes on one foot .Spread your toes and hold the stretch for five seconds . Repeat ten times to relieve shoe – bound feet .
Do It:
• Whenever You need to stand on one place for long time you should wear shoe of rubber or stand on rubber it reduces foot pain.
• Wear the running shoes because they provide you more comfort compared to other.When you are going to running wear the sports running shoe,they provide more cushion and arch support.If you don’t wear running shoe at least choose shoe having thick sole.
• Shop for new shoes in the afternoon when your feet have expanded to their maximum size. If you wear insoles be sure to take them shopping with you, so as to make sure your new shoes will fit with the insoles in position.

• Heel  pain, especially in the morning may signal plantar fasciitis an inflammation of the tough band of tissue that connects your heel bone to the base of your toes. To obtain relief stretch the Achilles tendon. Stand about a meter from a wall. Place your hands on the wall and move your heel on the floor. You should feel a gentle stretch in your heel and foot arch. Hold for 10 seconds switch sides and repeat.
• Buy a heel cup from a pharmacy. It will fit inside your shoe, cushioning the heel and protecting it from a pounding.


Should I call the doctor?
Occasional foot pain is nothing to worry about. But see your doctor if you find it hard to walk first thing in the morning, or if the painful area is swollen or discolored. You may have a broken bone an inflamed tendon or a pinched nerve. If you’ve already been diagnosed, see your doctor at once if a cut sore blister on bruise on your foot doesn’t start to heal after one day.

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