To tackle body odour, you have to stop the problem at its source. If antiperspirants (which block sweat glands) and deodorants (which neutralize or mask odours) don’t do the trick or you prefer a natural approach, there are myriad paths to an agreeable essence.

Choose an effective soap:

• Pick a deodorant soap, such as tea tree oil soap (from Holland & Barrett) or anti-bacterial hand-washes, such as Boots, Carex or supermarket own brands. These leave ingredients on your skin that continues to kill bacterial even after you’ve finished washing. If the soap doesn’t irritate our skin, use it every day. Some people find these sops too drying, in which case their use should be restricted to the underarms and groin, where they are needed most.
• If deodorant soap doesn’t do the trick, then bring out the big guns. Antibacterial surgical scrubs, such as Hibiscrub or Betadine, are available over-the-counter in most pharmacies. These are so effective that they are used to clean patients before surgery. But as these products can dry your skin, you should use them only in the shower, so you can rinse off quickly, and only on high-smell areas such as the armpits and groin. Squeeze out a little of the cleaner, wash the target areas, then rinse off and finish you shower with ordinary soap.

Beyond deodorant:

  • Use a cotton wool pad to wipe vinegar onto your armpits during the day to cut down the numbers of odour-causing bacteria. Doesn’t use immediately after shaving, thought, or it will sting badly. The same applies to witch hazel (below).
  • Dab on witch hazel. You can splash it directly onto your skin or apply it as often as you like with a cotton wool pad. The refreshing, clean-smelling liquid is both drying and deodorizing.
  • Citrus fruits such as lemons change the pH of skin make it more acidic and the bacteria are unable to survive in more acidic condition,so use lemon on your body before the bating or pat dry
  • Dust bicarbonate of soda or cornflour on any problem part of your body. Both of these powders absorb moisture, and bicarb also kills odour-causing bacteria.
  • Shave regularly:under yours.Armpit hair increase body odour because it traps sweat and bacteria.

Eat Green:
Eat plenty of spinach,chard and kale.These and other leafy green vegetable which are rich in chlorophyll,they have deodrizing effect in our body.

Our you can buy chloryphyll contaning tablet in market,there are many brand in market like barley,kelp,grass and blue green algae.Before using take the advide of your family doctor.

Lime tea tree
it stimulate the secretion of waste products from the body and make sweet sweeter.It also known as linden tea,tree was made from lime tree blossom and it delicatly fragrant,a little like jasmine tea.

Call Your Doctor

If you are sweating frequently or heavily could have an overreactive thyroid gland,high blood pressure or a problem with nervous system that controls sweating.If you are sweating too much or that a medical condition might be causing than see your doctor.
And if you are taking a prescription medication that might be controlling to excessive body odour,then ask your doctor to switch to another drug.

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