Hydrotherapy works on the healing properties of its thermal and/or mechanical effects. Hydrotherapy makes use of the body’s reaction to the pressure exerted by the water.Two third of human body is water which is present in each part of the body.The excretion of water out of the body is a continuous process.When the quantity of water decreases in the body thirst is experienced.Thus when thirsty,water must be taken in appropriate quantity.

Fill the water in a cushioned tub,so as to rich water up-to navel.Keep the feet outside of tun on a stool like structure. Rest the back on the back side of tub.After sitting in the tub stroke the abdomen from the right side towards the left with a rough towel.
This bath can be taken from 5-15 minutes,gradually increase the duration.After hip bath dry the wet portion with a dry cloth,wear cloths and go out for a swift walk or do some exercise.If the patient is too weak he should lie down in the bed with a blanket on.
Note-Hip bath can be taken up-to three months pregnancy.
Benefits of hip bath in Hydrotherapy-In the all ailments of the body it give relief.It is very useful to reduce the fat deposited on hip & abdomen.

The upper skin on the penis should be stretched so as to cover it completely and hold it with two fingers of the left hand-index and the middle one.With the right hand take a soft piece of cloth wet in cold water and touch it on the portion of skin held,repeatedly.
In the tub for hip bath fill water and sit on a stool or a thick piece of of wood.The water should touch only the relevant portion,no where else.
Women can also in a similar way sit and touch water on the vaginal lips with a soft wet cloth or water.
Benefits of sitz bath bath in Hydrotherapy-Helps in premature ejaculation of semen,leocorrhea and nervous weakness.Anger is gradually cured by this.It is specially good for neuralgia and sciatica.Among women it helps in hysteria and many other disease.

There is a special tub for spinal bath in Hydrotherapy .It is filled with water and the water touches only the spine and adjoin portion.
In the beginning after 10 minutes of spinal bath,spine should be wiped with towel,to warm up do some light physical exercises.
Benefits of spinal bath bath in Hydrotherapy-It helps in blood pressure,weakness and nervous tension.It also regulate blood circulation.

For hot foot bath a bucket should be filled with hot water,as hot as the skin could bear.While sitting on a stool or chair put feet in the bucket of hot water.Water level should reach below the knee.
As the water grows cold,take out some of it from the bucket and replenish it with equal quantity of hot water.Cover a blanket in a such a way so as to cover you fully apart from the head and the bucket should also be under it.Before beginning this bath drink some hot water and in between also continue to drink while covering the head with a towel wet with cold water.When the bath is over,wipe the perspiring body with a towel,if necessary take an ordinary bath in cold water.

foot bath hydrotherapyBenefits of foot bath in Hydrotherapy-Helps in cold and cough,bloodpressure,
unconsciousness and attacks of asthma.For women having irregular menstruation,it is useful to have this bath regularly for a long period.
The present way of bathing is only for name sake.The actual benefits is lost,therefore while bathing certain things be kept in mind:-
1)Before bathing,warming up of body be done by rubbing the whole body with a dry towel.
2)Thereafter have bath with cold water.In winter the water should be of body temperature level.

full bath hydrotherapy
3)After the bath,dry the body with your palm and wear clothes.
4)If fell cold after bathing,some warming up body exercise be done.
5)After bathing early in the morning one should go for a walk.
Benefits of bating in hydrotherapy-By bathing this way not only the body remains clean but experience vigor and blood circulate,skin glows and becomes active,mind is happy and freshness permeates to make one willing to work.
Take hot water in a bucket and open the cold water tap into it.Take a handful of water and start bathing by rubbing the nape downward.Gradually when water gets cold pour it over the head and complete the bath.
Benefits-During winters this bath is extremely useful because only hot water activates the skin.All the benefits of a simple bath are there along with more cleanliness,fast circulation of blood and awakening of appetite.

There is a special cabin for steam bath which encloses the whole body with only the head protrudind out.
Before a steam bath enema is recommended.After drinking water,one should sit in the cabin bare footed with a wet cold towel on the head and then steam be taken.In about ten minutes when perspiration is over,dry with a towel and have a bath in cold water.

benfits-of-steam hydrotherapy
Benefits of steam bath in Hydrotherapy-It opens the pores of skin which take out dirt from this.Blood circulation increases,red blood corpuscles. Increase in number,strengthens the lungs and heart,kidney function properly. Arthritis,stoke obesity,all type of skin disease asthma.inflammation in the bronchial passage etc.ailments get effected positively.

On 3-4 heavy blankets,put one thin cotton sheet wet with cold water.Then make the patient lie on it with his arms stretched upwards.Then fold the sheet from one side covering the body and press it along the armpit at the other side.Bring down the arms placing them straight along the sides.Then from the side take the sheet and cover the body over the other arm.
Then cover the whole body including the legs with one or more blankets as per need,leaving only the head open.As per requirement after 30-60 minutes the pack be removed and have bath in cold water.
Benefits:In condition of fever,to strengthen nerve cells,extract faeces out of body,and for detoxification,wet sheet pack is used.This pack takes out so much poison that when toxins the sheet becomes pale in colour. Four times in a month this can be used.Before using it the body of the patient should be warm enough to produce good results.

A cloth with 3-4 folds wet in hot water be kept for 2 minutes on the desired spot,then a towel wet with cold water be kept for 1 minutes,this process should be repeated four times,beginning with hot and finishing with cold.

hydrotherapy fometation
Benefits-To repair a part of body or to bring relief in pain,alternate hot and cold fomentation is very useful and and no other treatment is effective as this one.On the abdomen,hot and cold fomentation gives relief in chronic constipation,gastric trouble and also removes weakness.

Water cushion,pack and binding bandage are ancient practices and even today for relief in various disease they are used.Sometimes hot pack is used sometimes cold.Usually wounds arthritis,perforated boils,cyst and elephantiasis are treated in various ways with the use of pack.
Benefits-This pack can be used in treatting all disease with little varitions.

Keeping wet pack on the abdomen removes constipation.For immediate relief in any ordinary illness in the body a thick layer of cloth wet in water be rinsed and kep below the naval for half an hour,or immediately thereafter kept again after wetting,this be covered with a polythene packet(to avoid clothes getting wet).with this one can continue to work.
Benefits-Useful for all ailments of the abdomen.

The process of transporting a king of liquid in the rectum is called enema.This is also called cleaning up of the rectum.
While giving enema the nozzle be greases with Vaseline or oil and put in the anus.The box of enema be kept at a height of three feet from the person seat and let the water in it flow into the rectum.If the patient feels pain during this process then the height of the box be reduced and the flow of water stopped foe a while.This will stop pain.Generally 200 ml. water is poured into the rectum.More quantity of water should not be given.For 5-10 minutes water be kept inside.

enema hydrotherapy
While keeping it inside one should walk to and fro and then gradually let it go in the toilet with stored stool.The whole water need not to be let loose at once in a hurry.
Type of enema-Fresh water enema,hot water enema,honey enema,neem enema,butter enema,lemon enema,wheat grass juice enema and many more types of enema.
Benefits of Enema in Hydrotherapy-Hot water enema is used in removing stored faeces from rectum.In the world of medicine this is the safest way of cleaning the intestine.This gives relief from constipation.

MORNING DRINK:In the evening fill a copper vessel with water and cover it with the lid.Three-four basil leaves put in this water will make it more efficacious. Early morning before sun rise,without brushing the teeth or gargling,drink a lot of water,begin with two glasses in the morning.Then increase in to four glasses. After drinking the water walk hundred steps and then go to toilet.In winter time water is too cold,make it Luke warm and then drink.

Benefits-Cures constipation and bowels get cleaned.A person who take this morning drink stays free of diabetes,Disease of stomatch,leprosy,headache and stomach gas.He does not age and has a long life.

Boil water in a utensil.Then sit on a chair or a stool keeping the utensil containing water before you.Bend over the utensil covering the head with a towel and inhale deeply through the nostril into the throat.
Benefits-This is useful in cold,cough,dyptheria,tonsilits and sinusitis.

Take a 7-8 feet long and 6-7 inch broad cotton cloth wet and rinsed and tie it up.Over it take a dry woolen cloth of same dimension and tie that too.Keep this compress for minimum one hour.As per requirement the duration can be increased.After removing the compress wipe with a wet cloth.This is used in various disease on various parts.For instance throat compress,abdominal compress,chest compress,leg compress,joint compress and girdle compress etc.
Benefits of compress in Hydrotherapy-This is useful in thyroid and parathyroid problem,tonsillitis asthma, liver problems,diabetes,kidney problems,arthritis etc.

Ice is used in many diseases during Hydrotherapy.

when skin gets burnt-if any part of skin gets burnt,then immediate application of a piece of ice on that place gives relief from burning sensation and also prevents boil formation.
On bleeding-if blood flows continuously from any cut portion of the body or t does not stop,then in such condition use ice on that portion.Bleeding will stop immediately.

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