A sprain is the short way of saying that you have torn or overstretched a muscle. It occurs when a joint gets twisted, injuring the ligaments that connect the bones in the joint.Sprains don’t just happen on ski trips.All it takes is an awkward,unbalanced step off a curb and you can end up with an ankle that is swollen,painful,bruised and difficult to move.A ankle sprain is an injury to a joint that has been severely stressed,so much so that the ligaments holding the bones together have been overstretched or torn.Always have an injured joint examined by a doctor to make sure it’s a sprain,not a fracture.
Ointments and gels containing an extract of horse chestnut are widely used in Europe and available in this country at health food stores for treating minor sports injuries,including ankle sprain.Horse chestnut contains aescin,a chemical compound that acts as an anti-inflammatory to help reduce swelling.Follow the package direction.

GARLIC:                                                                                                                   This is one of the most implicit and implied method for healing ankle sprain. Garlic helps in reducing inflammation and pain due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It also increases energy of the body due to which pain is easily relieved. To prepare this remedy take two tablespoons of garlic juice and add two tablespoons of almond oil and mix it well. Apply this mixture on the affected area and leave it for approximately half an hour. Repeat this until your sprain gets completely healed.

sprain remedyCOMPRESSION:                                                                                                             To help stop swelling, compress or bandage the sprained ankle soon after the injury. Compression helps control pain as well as prevents further injury to ankle sprain part. To apply compression, you can use elastic, tape, bandages or special boots.

THINK RICE:                                                                                                           Every athlete and parent knows this age-old remedy for minor strains and sprains, and doctors recommend it because it works:                                                                     Rest – Stay off the injury for a few days and get ample rest
Ice – Apply cold to the ankle several times a day to reduce pain and swelling         Compress the joint with dressing or elastic swelling but not so tight as to interfere with circulation.                                                                                                             Finally ELEVATE the sprain in relation to the rest of your body,if possible.After 48 hours cautiously use the injured joint.

Get you doctor’s advice if swelling and pain do not subside.

In between icing try this ancient Ayurveda treatment:a salt compress to help reduce swelling.Mix together one part ordinary table salt and two parts powdered turmeric.Add just enough water to make a paste.Apply the paste to the ankle sprain for 20 to 30 minutes.Cover with a piece of cloth to protect clothing and furniture from turmeric stains.Do this once or twice a day.

ALOE VERA:                                                                                                             Aloe vera has excellent healing properties which make it useful for several sports injuries. Take an aloe vera leaf and extract its gel. Now soak cotton in this gel and place it on the affected area like ankle sprain. Allow it to dry. Glycerin can be added to this gel to make it thicker.

Arnica is extensively used for strengthening our joints and muscles.Which has been used topically to help heal sprains and other joint injuries for hundred of years.It’s available as a gel from some grocery and most health food stores.Apply this gel on sprain ankle and wrap it with bandage.Leave it for 5-6 hours, and repeat the same after 5-6 hour.

OLIVE OIL:                                                                                                             Olive oil contains certain phenolic compounds that alleviate the inflammation and expedite the healing process. Take a teaspoon full of olive oil. Heat it up and allow it to cool. Now, apply lukewarm oil on the painful area and massage it for a few minutes. Do this thrice a day to relax your muscles.

                                                                  CALL DOCTOR                                                                   Call your doctor if the pain and swelling don’t diminish after 48 hours,if you have numbness in or around any part of injured joint,or if you notice redness or red streaks spreading out from it.

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