The non-essential amino acids serine and glycine are used in multiple anabolic processes that support cancer cell growth and proliferation.The study, published online in the journal Nature.

On cutting the serine and glycine in the diet of mice ,it slowed down the progress of lymphoma and intestinal cancer.

According Researcher at the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute and the university of Glasgow found on cutting down of amino acid like serine and glycin in diet of mice it shows the less symptoms or development of tumor growth in the mice and also prolong survival.

The researchers also found that the special diet made some cancer cells more susceptible to chemicals in cells called reactive oxygen species.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy increase the level of these chemical,research also suggest on using special formulated may be conventional to reduce the cancer.
Now the next step is to look forward on cancer patient to check feasibility and safty of this treatment.

Proffesor Karen Vousden says”This type of diet would be a short term measure and should be controlled and monitored under the doctor.Our diet is very complex and protein-which are main source of amino acid are vital for our health.Its mean the patient can not cut out these amino acid by simply following the home made diet”it must be under the supervision of doctor.

Amino acid are the building blocks that cells need to make protein.Amino acids make up a large proportion of our cells, muscles and tissue as it is the building blocks of protein and our bodies are made up of 20% protein. A healthy cell has capability to make their own serine and glysine protein but a cancer cell is more dependent on diet to get these protein.

However,study also shows that diet was less effective in the tumor with an activated kras gene,like pancreatic cancer because faulty gene is able to manufacturing their awn serine and glysine it can be best targeted by diet therapy.

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