Researchers are studying aloe vera for its potential benefits when taken orally but so far have reached no definite conclusions.How,aloe vera enthusiasts are
convinced that the gel or juice are high concentration of aloe vera can be taken by mouth as a treatment for arthritis diabetes and peptic ulcer.It is probley wise to take such claims with alarge pinch salt
but one think that is known is that aloe vera is one of the best natural skin remedies ever discovered.

Scientist are not exactly sure how it works,but they have many of its active components.The gel contains gummy substances that form soothing
natural emollients.It is rich in anti-inflammatory substance as well as chemical called bradykininase that acts as pain killer.The magnesium lactatae in it soothing itching and the gel contains substances that promotes healing by dialing blood vessel and increasing bloodflow to injured area.

A quick application of aloe vera gel reduces pain,moistten the skin and keeps germs and air out.It soothes the pain of sunburn as well.To relieve the pain of widespread sunburn,add a cup or two of aloe vera juices to a bath lukewarm water and have a cooling soak.

Aloe vera gel dries a natural bandages over skin and speed up’s not a good choice for serios wounds.

The gel soothes inflammation and softens itchy skin scales that characterize this chorinic condition.One four-week study found an 83 percent rate of skin clearing in those who used aloe vera compared to those who are using inactive cream.

Apply aloe vera when you have painful outbreak.
One study fund that 90% of skin sores completely healed with in five days using aloe vera-nearly twice the success rate
of those applying conventional acne medications.

Painful lesions caused by herpes virus herb more quickly when it is applied to the skin.The gel appears to have some antiviral effect.
In addition it dilate blood vessel known as capillaries,allowing more blood to reach the area so speeding up healing.

Aloe is very effective-too effective,really-laxative.Aloe latex,which is extracted from the leaf’s rind,is classified as a stimulates intestinal contractions that
promote bowel movements.As with other stimulant laxatives,however,doctors rarely recommend it can cause severe cramping or diatthoea,along with loss of fluids and vital electrolytes-minerals that play critical roles in the body.


You can buy skincare products containing it from supermarkets and pharmacies,but it is not clear whether the stabilized form of it in these products has the same beneficial effects as the natural gel.

If you do buy prepared creams or lotions,make sure that it appears near the top of the ingredients list.For internal use,buy juices that contain at least 98 per cent aloe vera.

  • To get the fill benefits of aloe vera there’s no substitute for the real thing.The plant is easy to grow-even for the most inexperienced and least
    green-fingered gardener.It thrives on neglect,needing little water and tolerating sheds and poor soil.
  • However, it should not be exposed to temperatures below 5 degree and is therefore best suited to growing on windowsills or in greenhouse.
  • To sooth sunburn,cits,piles and minor burns,wash the area thoroughly with soap and water.Then cut a chunk off a large leaf,slice it lengthwise and squeeze out the gel.
  • Apply a generous coating to the injured area and repeat the treatment two or three time a day.

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