Age Spots (liver spots)-Symptoms & Causes-Orance

/Age Spots (liver spots)-Symptoms & Causes-Orance

Age Spots (liver spots)-Symptoms & Causes-Orance

Age spots or liver spot are flat area of brown pigment that often occur on the back of the hands.The best way to prevent them -and to protect also from skin cancer is by using plenty of sunscreen.If it’s too late and you already have age spots,look for for an counter fading cream or apply a natural bleaching agent.
Bear in mind it will take time to show improvement and make sure you never leave home without using sunscreen.


A stain lightening cream known fade out contain a 2 percent solution of the bleaching agent hydroquinone. (Dark spots may need a stronger solution for that you need a prescription from a dermatologist).
Before using Fade Out please watch the direction of manufacturer.

1 Apply Lemon juice twice a day to your spots,lemon juice is mildly acidic and may be strong enough to take off the skin layer and lighten the spots.

2 Blend the honey and yogurt to create a natural bleach that can lighten age spots.Mix 1 teaspoon yogurt and 1 teaspoon honey.Apply and leave it for 30 minutes to dry and rinse off.Do this once a day.

3 Coat your spots with Aloe Vera gel,taken straight from the leaves of living plants,if possible.Cut the leaf and squeeze it to extract the gel.The plants contains chemicals that slough away dead cells and encourage the growth of new,healthy ones.Apply the gel once or twice a day.

4 A folk remedy for removing age spots is to wipe them with buttermilk.Which contain lactic acid,which can exfoliate sun damaged skin and pigmented area.

Camouflage age spots with a cosmetic concealer-sold in department store and pharmacist. Some are enriched with oil to moisturize your skin as well. Ask a sales assistant to help you find the right shade for your skin.Usually slightly lighter than your skin tone-and show you how to apply it.


1 Avoid the sun as much as possible during peak hours-from 10 am to 4 pm in summer or in hot climate,and from 10 am to 2 pm for rest of year.

2 Every day,30 minutes before you go to outside,apply sunscreen to your face and back of your hands.Make sure it has a sun protection factor(SPF) at least 15.
The most effective sunscreen for guarding against age spots contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.If you are going to be outdoors for any length of time reapply every two hours.

3 Wear a sunhat with a wide brim of at least 10 cm .This will keep the sun off the your face and neck and help to stop age spots from developing in those area.Choose a hat with a cooting lining-woven straw hats don’t give much protection.

Age SpotsAfter you’ve been out in the sun,apply some vitamin E oil.Vitamin is an antioxidant and may help to prevent age spots by neutralizing skin-damaging free radicle molecules.E itself promotes free radical when it’s exposed to sunlight.

Despite their name,these flat or rounded brown spots that can appear on the face or back of the hands aren’t caused by age.They are simply area of excess pigments accumulation,which results from year of exposure to sunlight.

Because it take long time to see sun damage,many people don’t notice until the later in life,but people who had significant sun exposure can develop in their twenties and thirties.Some drugs can make you more vulnerable to sun damage and related age spots.These includes diuretics,tetracycline,and drugs for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Age spot,when usually look dark,smooth freckles are generally harmless .However if a spot starts to tingle,itch,change size or color or bleed,you see your doctor.Some skin cancer like melanoma,can look like age spots.If home remedies don’t work on your age spots,your GP may recommended a dermatologist who may get rid of them using laser treatment or by applying liquid nitrogen is unlikely to be available on the NHS.


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